8-1 Blog: Marketing

Advice I would give to someone who is new to the industry about ethical practices would be to be honest, take responsibility, try and be as fair as possible, be respectful, and be transparent. Being honest within the company and those working with the company, meaning, being straightforward and truthful about the products and/or services and situations. Taking responsibility is important, especially, in situations where mistakes have occurred. Owning up to those mistakes, and taking any constructive criticism well. Trying to be as fair as possible by balancing needs and interests to the best of your ability. Respect will go a long way when dealing with people in general, whether within the company with employees, or outside the company with clients. People are more understanding, more willing to accommodate, more willing to work with each other when respect is given and when they feel respected. Transparency can create a spirit of openness which is important when trying to create an ethical business of any kind.

Code of Conduct | AMA Statement of Ethics

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