1-2 Branding: A Day in the Life

The apps I visit most often are Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is a type of social media with followers where you can post photos and videos on your permanent feed. While you’re also able to post photos and videos on your story, which stays up for only 24 hours. Instagram also came out with a “hightlights” feature, which allows you to “highlight” or save your stories and categorize them in the way you’d like on your profile. Facebook on the other hand, you can share links like articles, youtube videos, etc. as well as personal things like photos and videos and check into places. You are able to like pages, which is in essence following a business or event. You are also able to RSVP to public events.

I think overall, I have a positive reaction to digital media. I only follow accounts and pages that I’m interested in, because of this there isn’t a lot of negative feed when I log on.

I prefer Instagram over Facebook, however I enjoyed it more when the feed was chronological over recommended. I enjoy looking at different memes and funny videos on Instagram. I also have recently started following people who letter on iPad using Procreate, so I’ve followed different people who do tutorials of lettering. I also enjoy following travel blogs and photography accounts.

I receive a few emails from companies that I truly enjoy, otherwise, I try and not sign up for emails at all. One company specifically that I’ve signed up for is Seregentee. They are company that go around the world to find different fabrics to make different products like pocket tees, laptop cases, backpacks, camera straps, etc. and you are able to choose a fabric based one where it’s from and what cause you are helping. For instance, I am a big supporter of anti-human trafficking work and they have several fabrics that go toward that cause. I’m actually a sucker for click bait subject lines. So if a company can have a catchy subject line, whether it be giveaways or sales, I will definitely click on it and see what else this entails.

I think in the past several years digital marketing has sky rocketed. Companies are able to target their consumers more specifically, which causes the consumers to look into their companies, brands, and products more. I believer if done correctly, digital media can be a game changer for a lot of companies.

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