6-2 Blog: Marketing Perspective

One thing I noticed about this type of marketing is that it’s growing quickly. One statement that shocked me was when Gary Vaynerchuck said,

“During the time of this episode airing, four new influencers popped up, making their first video ever — maybe 40, maybe 400. So the market is quite wide. It’s just who’s gonna win the depth game and be the best at it.”

While it didn’t shock me that it happens so quickly, I guess the amount of people that it can happen to is what shocked me. Which leads me to believe that it can be a very competitive “line of work.” Another thing I noticed, is that essentially, these people run the marketing field, because these influencers are the people that every one is following and not just in the United States, but across the world. So, in order to stay up to speed in the advertising game, a company’s best plan is to try to have one of these influencers endorse their company and/or brand.

The influencers use whatever they’re good at to become an influence, whether it be a modeling, dancing, or comedy. However, because of the vast amount of influencers in all sorts of fields, this allows brands and companies to pick which influencer is the best fit for their company. Which is beneficial for the companies, because this has the ability to target a very specific audience, which good lead to higher, better sales and more loyal customers. For example, Nikon, could use a photographer with a high following to help endorse one of their cameras. 

I believe that this use of marketing perspective helps companies become even more relatable, especially to the millennial generation. When they see people they “look up” to or admire endorse certain brands, it shows others someone actually using the product or service. As far as the millennials, that strive to be influencers one day, I believe this probably pushes some of them to buy that product or do that service because this influencer does it, so they need to do it too.


The Influencers 

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