2-1 Blog: Marketing Advantages of Mobile Phones and Tablets

According to The Brand Agency, some advantages to mobile marketing are: reaches a broader market, instantaneous results, easy to work with, convenient to use, tracking response, huge viral potential, and more. These advantages give companies the ability to get information on their campaigns quickly and potentially even make improvements to the campaign as continues. Companies can see the results of the campaigns in detail and see what worked and what didn’t and make changes accordingly in the next campaign.

Some disadvantages to mobile marketing that The Brand Agency says are: platforms too diverse, privacy issues, and navigation on a mobile phone. With online platforms of any kind, the privacy issue is quickly at the forefront. Navigating a mobile phone for some could be harder than for others due to the small screen and no mouse. However, as technology evolves so will privacy walls and the navigation of mobile sites and apps.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Marketing

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