5-1 Blog: Top Dog Versus Underdog

Microsoft vs. Apple

The Microsoft vs. Apple brand rivalry was number 3 in the top 10 business rivalries on the watchmojo.com video. This has always been the largest rivalry in regards to home computing. Microsoft would have other competitors like Sony and Nintendo and gaming and Google online, however Apple has always been their largest competitor. Microsoft was successful until Apple surpassed them with mobile devices and tablets. Apple is using a strategy of uniformity, branding, quality, and style while Microsoft focuses on ubiquity. Microsoft is the top dog world wide, but nationwide, Apple beats Microsoft. As stated before, Microsoft focuses on ubiquity, which is why I believe it leads them to be the top dog world wide. But, because of what Apple chooses to focus on, it’s the exact reason they are more successful in America, than Microsoft.

One way that Apple could improve their strategy is to offer products with better price points. I believe this would be a game changer for them to be able to surpass Microsoft worldwide. Apple recently has begun offering iPads with better price points. The regular iPad can be purchased as low as $329.

Worldwide, I think that consumers prefer Microsoft because of the price point. I have family in Poland, and when we spoke, I remember my cousin talking about how Apple is super hard to afford. While Apple is still expensive in America, they know how to target well and focus on the correct areas to make themselves very appealing to the American market. And now with the majority of cell phone companies, when you purchase the phone, you have the ability to pay on the phone monthly. As far as I go, I am an Apple user. I enjoy the compatibility between all of their products and the simplicity of it. I also love the appearance of their products. They offer slick, modern products.

Top 10 Business Rivalries
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