7-1 Blog: Green for Profit or Green for the Environment

Warby Parker is a retail brand that I believe is socially or ethically responsible. One reason I believe that they are socially responsible is because they have a program called Buy a Pair, Give a Pair. This program is to work with a handful of partners worldwide to ensure that for every pair of Warby Parker glasses purchased, a pair of glasses is distributed to someone in need. There are two models they employ:

1) Empowering adult men and women with training opportunities to administer basic eye exams and sell glasses for ultra-affordable prices. (This accounts for the majority of our distribution.)

2) Directly giving vision care and glasses to school-age children in their classrooms, where teachers are often the first to spot issues.

However, due to Covid-19, they’ve had to suspend this program in order to not jeopardize the health of their employees and the people on the receiving end of this program. However, this didn’t mean they stopped giving back. For the majority of Warby Parker glasses sold, personal protective equipment and preventative health supplies have beeen distributed to healthcare workers and communities in need.

Warby Parker is also following the California Transparency in Supplies Chains Act. This is where the company is committing to making sure that working conditions throughout their supply chain are safe and that employees are treated with dignity. They require that their products comply with all applicable local and international laws, including laws related to labor, human rights, public health, and workplace safety. On their website they state the steps they are taking to ensure that their products are being ethically and socially responsibly made.

I feel that the company is being “green” for both, environment and profit. I believe that they want to help people succeed and physically see, but I also believe that they realize this will naturally bring customers to purchase from them over potentially a big box eye wear business. But I believe that if I had to choose one for a reason of Warby Parker choosing to be green, I would choose environment over profit.

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