6-2 Blog: Marketing Perspective

One thing I noticed about this type of marketing is that it’s growing quickly. One statement that shocked me was when Gary Vaynerchuck said,

“During the time of this episode airing, four new influencers popped up, making their first video ever — maybe 40, maybe 400. So the market is quite wide. It’s just who’s gonna win the depth game and be the best at it.”

While it didn’t shock me that it happens so quickly, I guess the amount of people that it can happen to is what shocked me. Which leads me to believe that it can be a very competitive “line of work.” Another thing I noticed, is that essentially, these people run the marketing field, because these influencers are the people that every one is following and not just in the United States, but across the world. So, in order to stay up to speed in the advertising game, a company’s best plan is to try to have one of these influencers endorse their company and/or brand.

The influencers use whatever they’re good at to become an influence, whether it be a modeling, dancing, or comedy. However, because of the vast amount of influencers in all sorts of fields, this allows brands and companies to pick which influencer is the best fit for their company. Which is beneficial for the companies, because this has the ability to target a very specific audience, which good lead to higher, better sales and more loyal customers. For example, Nikon, could use a photographer with a high following to help endorse one of their cameras. 

I believe that this use of marketing perspective helps companies become even more relatable, especially to the millennial generation. When they see people they “look up” to or admire endorse certain brands, it shows others someone actually using the product or service. As far as the millennials, that strive to be influencers one day, I believe this probably pushes some of them to buy that product or do that service because this influencer does it, so they need to do it too.


The Influencers 

4-2 Blog: Effectively Impacting the Consumer Through Digital Media

The Voice does a great job with interacting with their fans. Since their fan base has such a big role in the show, how they market and target that audience is very important. They have created movements and hashtags like #VoiceYourFreedom, #BehindTheVoice, and #RaiseYourVoice. They use their fan base to help instantly (in live time) save contestants on the show. Without having an audience willing to be committed and engaged, the “instant save” aspect of the show would not be successful. The Voice has to continue having viewers come to watch each season, and in hopes, also increase viewers with each season, which in turn will continue to grow fan base interaction with the show, the judges, and the contestants.

Now, The Voice has an app, to further engage their viewers. You’re able to create a “team” of your own, along with the judges based on the contestants that get picked that night by the judges. However, unlike the judges, I believe that on the app, you’re able to switch out contestants on your team as long as blind auditions are still happening. Once blind auditions are over though, your team is unable to change.
Another thing that The Voice does that I think helps them be successful, is that The Judges can and have changed. Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are pretty solid (until a few weeks ago, where Adam Levine announced he was leaving The Voice) and are always judges, but the other two judges have varied. This can bring in new viewers, that can turn into die hard, committed viewers, which is what The Voice essentially needs, because, again, these viewers then become interactive viewers.

I think the little “tension” between Adam and Blake is good mood “lightener” for the show. It adds a little more to the show then just judges picking singers. It helps the audience to relate a little more, because you can see normal conversations happen, along with some “picking” at each other jokes between friends. This helps show that these judges are indeed real people.

At the end of 2018, The Voice launched yet another way to gain even more interaction from their viewers, The Comeback Stage. Six artists from blind auditions that didn’t have a judge turn for them, will be chosen for The Comeback Stage, where they will then be coached by a fifth judge. The judge will pick two finalists and then those two finalists will then appear on the Live Playoffs Results where America will then use the Twitter Instant Save to decide which artist will stay and continue on The Voice. The winning artist will then choose which of the four judges they want to work with. They only show clips of the progress of the artists on The Comeback Stage during the airing of the show, otherwise if you want to see more of it, you can watch on YouTube, The Voice Official App, Instagram TV, Facebook, and NBC.com. This was a great way to hopefully get more interactions, followings, and traffic on these different medias. It also is such a wide option of medias that if someone doesn’t have social media like Instagram or Facebook, they still have a way to follow along with the other outlets.

The Voice: Integration With Live Television
The Voice Launching The Comeback Stage

1-2 Branding: A Day in the Life

The apps I visit most often are Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is a type of social media with followers where you can post photos and videos on your permanent feed. While you’re also able to post photos and videos on your story, which stays up for only 24 hours. Instagram also came out with a “hightlights” feature, which allows you to “highlight” or save your stories and categorize them in the way you’d like on your profile. Facebook on the other hand, you can share links like articles, youtube videos, etc. as well as personal things like photos and videos and check into places. You are able to like pages, which is in essence following a business or event. You are also able to RSVP to public events.

I think overall, I have a positive reaction to digital media. I only follow accounts and pages that I’m interested in, because of this there isn’t a lot of negative feed when I log on.

I prefer Instagram over Facebook, however I enjoyed it more when the feed was chronological over recommended. I enjoy looking at different memes and funny videos on Instagram. I also have recently started following people who letter on iPad using Procreate, so I’ve followed different people who do tutorials of lettering. I also enjoy following travel blogs and photography accounts.

I receive a few emails from companies that I truly enjoy, otherwise, I try and not sign up for emails at all. One company specifically that I’ve signed up for is Seregentee. They are company that go around the world to find different fabrics to make different products like pocket tees, laptop cases, backpacks, camera straps, etc. and you are able to choose a fabric based one where it’s from and what cause you are helping. For instance, I am a big supporter of anti-human trafficking work and they have several fabrics that go toward that cause. I’m actually a sucker for click bait subject lines. So if a company can have a catchy subject line, whether it be giveaways or sales, I will definitely click on it and see what else this entails.

I think in the past several years digital marketing has sky rocketed. Companies are able to target their consumers more specifically, which causes the consumers to look into their companies, brands, and products more. I believer if done correctly, digital media can be a game changer for a lot of companies.